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Home/School Agreement for Live Lessons 2020/21

Blended Learning Parent Guidance 2021

Live Video Lessons - Do’s and Don’ts ✅⛔️

When attending live streamed video lessons, pupils agree to:

1.Log onto the lesson using only school approved accounts (hwb)💻

2.Be punctual to sessions ⏰

3.Dress appropriately 👕👖

4.Not use any language inappropriate to a school classroom ⛔️

5.Use the mute microphone option during the video lesson, unless invited otherwise by the teacher.

6.Not disclose any personal information.

7.Not forward or share links or inappropriate content

8.Not take photos or videos of the session 

9.Use the ‘hands up’ option to contribute to the class discussion 🙋

10.Raise any concerns they have with an adult - either the teacher or their parent.

11.Be in a safe & appropriate setting, using blurred backgrounds where possible 🏡

12.Not use the platform to message fellow learners outside of the session ️ 13.Ensure they have all necessary equipment and resources for the session 📝

When attending live streamed lessons, parents agree to:

1.Not interrupt the session at any time

2.Ensure their child is appropriately dressed👖👕

3.Support their child in understanding the behaviour expected during the live lessons ✅

4.Ensure no photographs or video recordings of the session are being made

5.Ensure their child is in a safe and appropriate setting for the video lesson🏡

6.Ensure their child is not in a 1:1 chat with other learners.

7.Be mindful of the confidentiality of all the learners involved.

8.Raise any concerns with the teacher or school immediately.

9.Ensure any school sourced devices are being used appropriately.


When attending live streamed lessons, all our teachers agree to:

1.Dress appropriately for the session 👩🏫

2.Be in a safe and appropriate setting, blurred where possible.🏡

3.Schedule any sessions beforehand, and be the first to attend

4.Outline what equipment, if any, is needed by learners 📝📚

5.Disclose if any recordings are being made to learners and store these in line with our data protection policies.🎥

6.Outline our behaviour expectations at the start of each session ✅⛔️ 7.Have a support member of staff present, to monitor the attendance, chat function & mute features👩💻📓

8.Not be in a 1:1 video call with any learners

9.End the sessions so that no pupils are left to video chat without adult supervision🔚

10.Maintain up to date knowledge of all our safeguarding and data protection policies. 📋👩🏫


By signing this agreement on yours & the behalf of your child, you agree to comply with these. Failing to comply with these rules may result in learners being removed from live sessions.