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The New Year


Over the past few weeks we have been learning new things about each other. We have been doing lots of work on our spelling and presentation and establishing new routines.

Look at what we're doing this term!

Plant Life

Our topic focus has been related to our Science so far. We have been learning about parts of flowering plants and will be looking next at pollination.

Beat Boxing Fun

We have been having lots of fun with Dean, our visiting professional Beat-boxer. We have been learning how to make and link lots of different beat-boxing sounds. As well as working collaboratively in 'Beat Box choirs' some of us have taken part in 'Beat Box Battles'. During our sessions we have also been writing and performing raps about 'Evil Humpty' who is a character that we have been using in our mini-mystery stories. 

The Digital World at Waunfawr Primary

At Waunfawr we have invested in digital sources to allow us to safely use Internet sources to be both creative and academic.  By using the links below we can take a shortcut to this interactive world:


Our Social Media Updates

We now have our own class twitter page @SycamoreWaups and this will be regularly updated, along with some updates on our school Facebook account and Twitter account (@waunfawrps).