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Colours of the World


This Autumn term, Maple class have been inspired by our new topic title 'Colours of the world' to volunteer what interests them about this subject. We are listening to pupil views and using these to influence the lessons taught. Maple class have posed questions such as:

  • Why do the leaves change colour in Autumn?
  • How does light affect our ability to see colour? 
  • How many colours are there and how do they mix to create new colours?
  • How many countries, languages, people and faiths are there in the world?
  • What are the most colourful festivals celebrated by different faith around the world?

These questions have shaped the children's Topic lessons, and are taught in four stages: Immersion, Explore & Deepen, Create and Express.


During the Immersion weeks we got our pupils excited about their new topic and peeked their interests by showing them foreign and religious artifacts, sharing naratives from different cultures, collating data about colourful food items, practicing colours in different languages and learning songs about our world.

Luckily Bonfire night coincided with this stage of learning. As this was a colourful time in History, we used the opportunity to understand the religious motivations of both King James and Guy Fawkes, wrote our own firework shape poems and even built a 'Guy' in Forest School. Remembrance Sunday was another oportunity to teach the children to appreciate what the generations before them gave so that they can have the quality of life that they have today. It was also interesting to find out about the symbolism behind the red and black poppies.


Currently, we are in the midst of Explore & Deepen. These are our research weeks, and will most often be when half-termly trips are arranged. Maple children have been excited to investigate atlases, Geography books, search engines and formats such as Google Earth, as well as interview visitors about their colourful continent of choice - Asia.

They have worked collaboratively on HWB classroom using their log ins to edit slides about different aspects of Asian culture. We are specifically interested in religious celebrations in the lead up to Christmas, so comparing our own experiences to those of Hindus who celebrate the colour festival 'Holi', and contrasting that with Middle-East Asian Islamic 'Ramadan' has given way to lots of critical thinking opportunities and inspired a sense of awe and wonder in our classroom.


Over the next few weeks, we will be delving into the Expressive Arts to Create and then showcase what we have learned in our last week before the Christmas break: Express.



Meet the teacher presentation 18th September

Welsh in Waunfawr Primary


Have a look at the Welsh websites and apps mentioned below! These have fun games and activities on them for your child to enjoy. You may even pick up some useful phrases to use at home too!

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