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Nursery and Reception have been very busy this Spring term listening to stories with a food theme and enjoying lots of fun activities.  Some of the books they have read so far - The Gingerbread man, the children made some yummy gingerbread men but luckily they got to eat them and he did not run away! Oliver's Vegetables- they learnt about the days of the week, printed with vegetables after looking at the artist Arcimboldo's work, made books and planted some of their own vegetables.  The children were all excellent and tasted all of the vegetables that were in the story, some children liked all of them!  Handa's Suprise- they retold the story, found out which fruits their group liked the best, used the bee bots, painted fruit pictures studying the artist Cezanne and designed, made and ate some delicious fruit kebabs using the fruit from the story.  This week they have been studying Chinese New Year and finding out about the festival.  They have had a very busy week, they have acted out the story, made lucky money envelopes, made lanterns and horses heads, practised their numbers on lanterns, learnt Chinese numbers and writing, made a tangram puzzle, created a dragon dance, shared their work with year 1 and 2 and they also had a visit from some Chinese people who brought the children some Chinese food for them to taste. I am very proud of the children as they all tried something.  Next week the children will be listening to the Hungry caterpillar.

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