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The New Year

We have spent the first few weeks getting to know each other and now we move forward into the heart of the Autumn term.


Over the coming frantic weeks we will go through many topics beginning with our International Week and studying China.  Examples of our work and pictures of us learning will be flying onto here so keep checking in to see what's new!


Our Learning Journey Through China

We spent a week learning about China, studying what they brought to the world and what life is like there for their people.


Did you know the Chinese invented paper? We even had a go at making our own!  As part of our studies we investigated the reasons behind the Chinese people can often be seen wearing gas masks.  


To draw a close to the mini-topic we dined on Chinese cuisine and took part in a parade with the rest of the school to model some of our traditional clothing along with those dressed in the national colours of China.


Please take time to observe our work and photographs below:

Studying World War 2

Our focus through this topic will mainly be on the impact of the war on those living at home in Britain.  We have already begun studying the Blitz, discussing the different ways in which people protected themselves from harm during the attacks and are now progressing onto investigating evacuees, including how all those involved would have been feeling at that time.


Examples of our work will be appearing shortly so please keep an eye out...


To help you keep up-to-date with things we will be studying this term, our skills overview is placed below, simply click on the link to open it up!

The Summer Term

Natural Disasters and the Miracles of Man

The focus of the forthcoming and final term of the year falls on food and poverty in World War 2, earthquakes and volcanoes and structures built by man.


For further details of the skills to be developed this term, please see the overview below:

Parent Overview of the Summer Term

The Digital World at Waunfawr Primary

At Waunfawr we have invested in digital sources to allow us to safely use Internet sources to be both creative and academic.  By using the links below we can take a shortcut to this interactive world:



Our Social Media Updates

We regularly update our school Facebook account and Twitter account (@waunfawrps) and here are our recent updates:

Our Weekly Spellings

These need to be practised throughout the week and the aim is to score more than 5 each week to avoid practising more and taking the test again; those who top score with full marks will get extra time on the Star Tasks and Dojo reward points!


This weeks spellings are:

Group 1


Group 2


Group 3

All groups to practise common spellings, looking back over the spelling patterns practised so far this year for the Single Word Spelling Test next week.  Words repeatedly spelt wrong will be practised as a class in the build up to the test at the end of the week.


The remainder of the homework this week is to complete the poster painting competition sheet that was sent home; the best design gets a prize!  Word of note however, no computer entries will be judged...