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The New Year

We have spent the first few weeks getting to know each other and now we move forward into the heart of the Autumn term.


Over the coming frantic weeks we will go through different topics and subject areas linked to our study of time, emphasising the differences between the Rich and Poor during Tudor Times.


Our Learning Journey with the Tudors

Having just started our new topic, we have begun by looking at the clothes worn by people during the Tudor period.  We have identified the differences between the clothes of the Rich and Poor during this period of British history and will have examples of our work here shortly.


We've already worked our way through our drawing project in Art and produced amazing work based on Tudor clothing which has been used to create part of our classroom display.  Take a look below, can you tell the difference between the clothing of the rich and the poor during Tudor times?

While studying the Tudors we are also continuing its other areas of work and have really loved working on the ABBA song 'Mamma Mia', focussing on the patterns played throughout the song with the help of Mrs Llewellyn.  


How do you think we sound?

Our Patterns

Still image for this video

Parent Overview for the Autumn Term

The Digital World at Waunfawr Primary

At Waunfawr we have invested in digital sources to allow us to safely use Internet sources to be both creative and academic.  By using the links below we can take a shortcut to this interactive world:



Our Social Media Updates

We now have our own class twitter page @MapleWaups and this will be regularly updated, along with some updates on our school Facebook account and Twitter account (@waunfawrps).  Our class are also testing the use of ClassDojo class stories which the pupils can independently update and share some of their best and favourite pieces of work with you, links are available for you to be able to see what we get up to in class a lot more often.


However, here are examples of our recent updates:

Our Weekly Spellings

These need to be practised throughout the week and the aim is to score more than 5 each week to avoid practising more and taking the test again; those who top score with full marks will earn ClassDojo reward points and extra choice time!


This weeks spellings are:

Group 1

mixture adventure capture feature fracture
moisture nature picture vulture fixture


Group 2

great grid graph


grip gram grade graphic greet


Group 3

colourful harmful careful hopeful badly
colourless harmless careless hopeless happily